Kendra Stephens


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Kendra  StephensAssociate Professor, Business Administration, Business Management, Economics

When Kendra Stephens was a new teacher, she showed videos from PBS NewsHour and 60 minutes; students’ eyes would glaze over, and they would slump back in a coma. Today, she shows videos which cover the same topics (wealth inequality, corporate inversion, freedom of speech, etc.), but are presented by John Oliver, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Adam Conover. The humorous approach causes the students to pay attention, which facilitates learning.

Along with being a political junkie she also appreciates nerd culture: SuperWhoLock, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Star Trek, etc. She currently takes acoustic guitar lessons and dreams about one day completing the Appalachian Trail (she’s already done 80 miles). She loves going to Comanche Trails Park or the I-20 Wildlife Preserve and just walking through the shade.

Instructor Vitae (pdf)

Associate Professor
Business Administration, Business Management, Economics
Technology Center, Room 156
(432) 685-6821

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