DisbursementsFinancial Aid

Any amount of money remaining from grants, loans, outside scholarships, or certain Midland College scholarships, after institutional charges have been paid, will be disbursed to students in one of three ways:

  1. The student's personal bank account designated in My MC Portal.

  2. The student's Chap Card that acts as both a Student ID and a debit card.

  3. A paper check, if neither of the first two options are feasible. Be aware that additional information may be required for this option, and could result in delays if the check has to be mailed.

most of our general scholarships will pay for tuition, fees and books only. Any money not used will be returned to the scholarship fund to be used by other students.

Disbursement Dates:


Pell Grant Disbursements

Fall 2017 - September 27th
Spring 2018 - February 14th
Summer 2018 - June 21st and August 1st

Direct Loan Disbursements

Fall 2017 - October 6th
Spring 2018 - February 14th
Summer 2018 - June 21st and August 1st

The refund dates listed above are for the traditional terms that Midland College offers. If you are in an interim of flex class, the refund dates will vary, depending on when the census date falls. 

If your FAFSA or Midland College Direct Loan Application has not been submitted at least four to six weeks prior to the disbursement dates, you should expect to receive your refund at a later time. Midland College normally releases funds approximately every two weeks. If you have questions, contact the Financial Aid Office.

Students that do not stay enrolled in classes, may be required to pay back funds disbursed.  For information, view Midland College's Return to Title IV (RTT4)  policy at:

RTT4 Policy

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