Emergency Management Operations


Emergency Notification

If a serious crime, natural disaster, or severe weather emergency occurs that poses an immediate threat to the health and safety of the Midland College community or a segment of the MC community, MC has various systems in place for communicating information quickly.

This system includes an Emergency Notification Network to alert students, faculty, staff and visitors of any incidents if they occur and to provide instructions on what actions to take in an emergency.

Some or all of these methods of communication may be activated in the event of an immediate threat to the MC campus.

Emergency Notification Methods


MC will post emergency messages online at www.midland.edu when a need arises.


All campus buildings are wired with the capability to activate announcements by MCPD. This system is activated by MC Police in the event of a life threatening emergency. The system consists of a combination of chimes and live or prerecorded announcements. Speakers are strategically placed throughout the campus to facilitate communication through the PA system.


Campus closing and emergency notifications are provided to external media, including television and radio stations and online news sites to quickly spread essential information.


Emergency messages may be sent in the event of a life threatening emergency via text message, email, telephone and social media pages.  


Important items of information are communicated to the MC community by special messages sent to campus email addresses. 

MCPD has the responsibility of responding to and summoning the necessary resources to mitigate, investigate and document any situation that may cause a significant emergency or dangerous situation. In addition, the MCPD has a responsibility to respond to such incidents to determine if the situation does in fact pose a threat to the community. If that is the case, Federal Law requires that the institution immediately notify the campus community or the appropriate segments of the community that may be affected by the situation.

Emergency Actions

Restrict Access and Regress in Classrooms/Offices

Close and lock classroom windows and doors. Get personal belongings. Move to pre-determined Shelter In Place area away from door. Stay away from doors and glass. Turn off lights and remain quiet. Check for injuries. Follow all instructions from Midland College Police Department. Wait for all clear signal.

Restrict Access to Building

Close and lock all inside and outside doors and windows. Follow all instructions from Midland College Police Department. Wait for all clear signal.

Exit the Building

Leave the area safely and quickly. Get purse (if applicable) or other items. Observe for any unusual items as you leave. Follow all instructions from Midland College Police Department. Stay away until clear.

Leave Campus

Get purse (if applicable). Move safely and quickly to pre-determined safe area (if needed). Check for injuries. Follow all instructions from Midland College Police Department. Follow instructions for releasing students. Stay away until clear.

Armed Subjects

If you witness any armed individual on campus at any time or if an individual is acting in a hostile or belligerent manner, immediately contact MCPD.

If there is an armed subject on campus contact MCPD with your location if possible. Turn off all the lights and close and lock all windows and doors. If you can do so safely, get all students on the floor and out of the line of fire. Move to a core area of the building if safe to do so and remain there until an "all clear" instruction is given by an authorized known voice.

If the armed subject comes into your class or office, attempt to get the word out to other staff if possible and call MCPD. Use common sense. If hiding or fleeing is impossible, attempt to negotiate with the individual. Attempting to overcome the armed subject with force is a last resort that should only be initiated in the most extreme circumstances. Remember, there may be more than one active armed subject. Be careful not to make any changes to the scene of the incident since law enforcement authorities will investigate the area later.

Police Department

police department
Police Department
Scharbauer Student Center, Room 136
(432) 685-4734
Ashley Borgstedte
ashley borgstedte
Chief of Police
Police Department
Scharbauer Student Center, Room 136
(432) 685-6835
kevin brunner
Police Lieutenant
Police Department
Scharbauer Student Center, Room 136
(432) 685-6833

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