College Classics

College Classics

College Classics is perhaps the most interesting of all Midland College classes to area citizens who are 50+ years of age. The program, initiated in the Spring of 1989, provides a low-cost, non-credit opportunity for citizens 50 and over. The programs goal is to broaden knowledge in various areas of interest in an informal educational setting.
Classes are offered on the Midland College main campus and are taught by Midland College faculty and community volunteers who want to share their time and expertise in a variety of areas.

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Fall 2022 Calendar

Week of September 5: Mail Schedule to Mailing List

September 1: Online Registration Begins
September 26 - October 21: Session I

October 24 - November 18: Session II


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Registration and payment for College Classics fall 2022 courses can be done two ways:

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Beginning participants will make a traditional English Paper Pieced Grandmother’s Flower Garden block, made with 1” paper hexagons, and create a pin cushion or mug rug. In addition to a kit that will be provided, needles, thread, thimble (optional), scissors for cutting paper and scissors for cutting fabric will be needed.

Intermediate participants will select a pattern and work on individual projects.

Special Requirement/Comments: Copyright Requirements – Reproduction of books and patterns are limited to the purchaser of the book or pattern and are for personal use only. Students are responsible for ensuring that they do not infringe on copyright protections on the materials that they purchase.

Thursday, September 29 – October 20, 2 – 3 pm

Thursdays, October 27 – November 17, 2 – 3 pm

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Selected Topics: Elderly, Social Psychology, and Behavioral Neuroscience.

Mondays, September 26 – October 17, 1 – 1:50 pm

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A healthy low impact aerobic workout combined with beginning/intermediate clogging routines.  Some type of dance background is helpful but not necessary.  Tap/clogging shoes make the class fun, but are not required.

Mondays, September 26 – October 17, 5:15 – 6:15 pm

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FROM the GROUND to the TANK (How Oil is Found and Produced)

This course will take the journey from an idea of where to find oil, to the production of a barrel of oil. How a geologist selects a drill site, who is involved in the planning of a drilling a well, as well as the drilling and completion of the well will be topics of discussion. The journey will be augmented with YouTube Videos.

Tuesdays, September 27 – October 18, 1 – 2 pm

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We will take a look at the national motto. Who, What, When, Where, Why & How!

Wednesdays, September 29 – October 19, 1 – 2 pm

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Students will learn easy dance steps to apply to a few beginning line dances. Closed-toe, smooth-soled shoes are preferable for foot safety and easy maneuvering.

Thursdays, September 29 – October 20, 3:30 – 5 pm

Thursdays, October 27 – November 17, 3:30 – 5 pm

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The course will provide a basic introduction for planning a 2 – 3week
trip to Europe. It will also provide a brief overview of the history of Europe and travel literature.

Wednesdays, October 26 – November 16, 1 – 3 pm

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Students choose the countries that they would like to study and learn about the culture, history, geography and politics.

Mondays, September 26 – October 17, 10 am

Mondays, October 24 – November 14, 10 am

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Jaime Águila has taught at MC for seven years and has traveled to Europe six times since 2016. He has an M.A. in Ancient European history and a Ph.D. in Mexican history.

Tori Baca has been tap dancing for over 51 years, performing as well as teaching. She thought it would be fun to share her expertise to create a fun and interesting workout.

Bob Barndt has been Pastor at Midland Lutheran Church since 2001. Ordained by Lutheran Church in America in 1983, M.Div. from Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary, Columbia, SC., BA-ASU 1979

Dr. Terry Gilmour is professor of government at Midland College. She received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from West Texas A&M and her Ph.D. in Political Science from Texas Tech University.

Carol James had an early interest in sewing and fabric which led her to a B.S. degree in Home Economics with an emphasis in clothing and textiles. She retired in 2015 from a 34-year career in education. An active member in the Midland Quilters Guild, she has won awards for English Paper Pieced quilts at the local shows and The Ogallala Quilt Festival.

Joe Schwab received a B.S. in Geology and a minor in Mathematics from the University of Southern Colorado in 1973. After a working as a geologist for a few years he enrolled and was a teaching assistant in geology at Texas Tech University. After graduation in 1978, with a M.S. in Geology he resumed his career as a petroleum geologist working for an oil company in Wyoming.

Dr. Jay Schwarz has a passion for discussing topics associated with the behavioral sciences. He has a PhD in Psychology from Grand Canyon University and a Master’s Degree in Sociology from Norwich University. He has been a college professor since 2003.

Barbara Stewart has been line dancing since 2009. Also, sampled classes in Salsa, Ballroom & Country. Retired from Midland County Library and raised three children and is a grandmother of eight.

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