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Bachelor of Applied ScienceHealth Services Management

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Ready to move into a management role in Healthcare?

The Health Services Management (HSM) program is designed to meet the growing need for managers and mid-level managers in large healthcare organizations and smaller healthcare entities such as physician practices, group practices, clinics, or other health services. The program is intended for students with Associate degree in allied health/health sciences, information technology, computer science, and business. All students will complete a required core of Health Service Management courses. Students may specialize in one of three tracks - Healthcare Administration, Health Informatics or Health Information Management.

Students interested in this program should have strong organizational skills, a desire to lead and manage others and the ability to function in an ever-changing business environment. The HSM program is offered completely online. The tuition rates at Midland College are affordable and we have wonderful teachers who care and will dedicate one on one time with students. Students should expect a heavy workload and sitting for long periods of time in front of a computer. Students will need a computer and internet connection for this program. The HSM program is scheduled to accommodate your lifestyle, whether you decide to attend full-time or part-time.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the HSM field is growing much faster than other occupations, offering students a multitude of job opportunities.


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Joining Our Program

Health Care Administration

The Health Care Administration track has been developed to align with the healthcare administration principles. The core HSM program and specialty track courses develop the expertise and skill-sets needed for the graduate to become part of the management team that supervises hospitals, nursing homes, hospice centers, insurance and provider networks, and government policy organizations. Graduates will be able to analyze healthcare business problems and develop effective solutions while drawing upon an interdisciplinary perspective.

Health Information Managers

Health Information Managers are an essential component of the healthcare team. Expertise in data validity, governance and data integrity is critical to effective long-range strategic planning. Health information management addresses all aspects of health information systems and ensures that quality information is available for policy-making, revenue management, research concerns and continuous improvement in patient care. This track reflects the changing reality of management of health services whereby competence in oversight of health information is essential. This is the case not only for managers of health records, but for those involved in general administration. Health information management is critical for the successful functioning of the modern healthcare environment and, therefore, a core management competence. This track allows managers whose work responsibilities involve greater responsibility for health information, as well as data governance, to develop additional abilities within the framework of a well-rounded management curriculum.

Health Informatics

Health Informatics links together business practices, health care, biology, medicine and information technology. As with the health information management track, the informatics track addresses an emerging reality of the health care environment. Increasingly, health service managers must be proficient in the oversight of specialized information systems and able to apply general management skills to this highly technical realm. The informatics track develops competence in this expanded management role. The focus is on the liaison role in improving quality through secure technology usage coupled with workflow efficiency. Managers with substantial informatics responsibility oversee the interface between the IT department and clinicians. Informatics requires competence with information technology systems, understanding of regulatory and biomedical standards, and skills in data mining. Knowledge of health information technology systems and its intricacies are valuable to health care facilities and providers and are increasingly required in the management arena.

Application Requirements:

BAS-HSM Program Application (pdf)

  • Download the application packet, complete the application, sign in ink, and return it to Alma Martinez at almam@midland.edu, or mail to:

    Midland College
    Attn: HIM Department
    3600 N. Garfield
    Midland, TX  79705

  • Only complete applications will be accepted, and points will be determined by verifiable documentation (notarized letters from employers, transcripts, etc.).

  • Official transcripts must be on file with the Registrar's Office

  • A current resume and two letters/forms of recommendation must be submitted with the BAS Application.

  • No deadlines have been set, but students will be accepted upon completion of prerequisites and maintaining a GPA of 2.0.

    * Application process and selection subject to change.

GPA multiplied by 15 (minimum 2.0 GPA required) 30-60
Associate Degree completion 2
Enrolled in AAS program to be complete within semester application submitted 2
Bachelor/Masters completion   2-5
Core Curriculum courses (1 pt. each)  0-14
Prerequisite Courses (based on specialty track)  3
Work Experience Credit (credit for up to 10 years)  0-5
Veteran/Active Military Status   3
Total Points Possible 92


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Healthcare Administration Scholarships

  • Program courses require proctored exams
  • Students are responsible for any costs associated with proctored examinations

Proctored Exams

Some positions available within the HSM field:

  • Data Integrity Analyst
  • HIM Director
  • E-MPI Manager
  • Information Security Manager
  • Privacy Officer
  • Revenue Cycle Manager
  • Clinical and HIM Managers

Jobs may be located in:

  • Data Analyst
  • HIM Director
  • Information Security Manager
  • Privacy Officer
  • Revenue Cycle Manager
  • Clinical and HIM Managers
  • Healthcare Process Analyst

Visit the course catalog for the most complete and up-to-date information.

Program Contact Information

Department Chair

Husam Asfoor
Davidson Family Health Science Building
Room 228
(432) 685-5573


Health Sciences
Davidson Family Health Science Building
Room 206
(432) 685-4600
(432) 204-9204 Fax


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