Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

The policy making and supervisory functions of the administration of the college, as provided by state law, are vested in a nine-person Board of Trustees. The Board delegates the professional responsibility to the President of the college, who is assisted by other administrative officers.

The Board of Trustees normally meets at 4 pm on the third Tuesday of every month except for July and December. There is no meeting in July, and the December meeting is held earlier in the month due to the holidays.


MC Trustee G. Larry Lawrence MC Trustee Linda J. Cowden MC Trustee Paul L. Morris
G. Larry Lawrence
Place 3
Linda J. Cowden
Place 2
Paul L. Morris
Place 4
MC Trustee Stephen N. Castle MC Trustee Will R. Green MC Trustee Steven C. Kiser
Stephen N. Castle
Place 5
Will R. Green
Place 7
Steven C. Kiser
Place 1
MC Trustee Charlene R. McBride MC Trustee Kenneth A. Peeler MC Trustee Ralph L. Way
Charlene R. McBride
Place 6
Kenneth A. Peeler
Place 9
Ralph L. Way
Place 8


Board Meeting Agendas

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