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Firefighter training at Harris Field

Firefighter Training Facility

Harris Field is home of the Midland College Firefighter Training Program. The facility provides the education and training that prepares students for careers of public service in the firefighter and emergency medicine fields.

The facility is operated by the City of Midland and provides MC students with hands-on skills training. MC oversees student completion of state certification and licensure exams and provides access to student and academic support services, modular classrooms and training equipment. The City of Midland Fire Department provides access to Harris Field training facilities and instructors to support the hands-on components of the training programs.

For many years, MC and the City of Midland have enjoyed a successful partnership to provide preparatory and continuing education firefighter training for the Midland Fire Department. The new dual credit fire protection program will provide an additional source of skilled and trained firefighters to the Midland Fire Department, as well as others in the West Texas area.


3215 Farm to Market Rd. 307
Midland, Texas



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Fire Science Technology Program

One of the many benefits to this and other MC/MISD College & Career Academies is an accelerated time to career attainment and industry certifications. Students are trained and ready to seek employment at much less expense than traditional high school to college programs.

Our dual credit programs can be life changing for some students,” Mickala Murdock, MISD's director of Career and Technical Education explained. “The firefighter program is one of many pathways that open doors for students after graduation. We continue to explore opportunities to add programs that benefit students and the community."  

The dual credit Fire Protection program is open to 47 students annually. It is already underway with 11 dual credit students who have been training since August—7 from MISD and 4 from GISD. In addition, 9 students from MC’s traditional Fire Science Technology program are utilizing the facilities at Harris Field, as well as 24 MC paramedic students.

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“The job market for firefighters is different than traditional job seekers,” Charles Blumenauer, Midland Fire Chief said. “If a student knows in high school where they want to apply to be a firefighter, they should find schools that support that area and those departments’ requirements. This program is unique because the City of Midland Fire Department supports the hands-on learning portion and students can fit into employment after the program. I’m a proud MC graduate, and I am really excited about what this program means for our community.”  

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