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Business & Economic Development CenterBEDC

The Midland College Business & Economic Development Center (BEDC) provides FREE business, credit, and housing counseling, and related classes and workshops. Our mission is to help people increase credit scores, purchase homes, and start or expand businesses.

The BEDC is a collaborative effort between Midland College and the City of Midland.

Midland College BEDC

BEDC Programs

The BEDC works with individuals and businesses to help them improve their credit through an analysis of their current credit issues and then developing an action plan to correct those issues. We access your tri-merge credit report with FICO scores from all three credit bureaus. The report is a “soft pull” for educational purposes, so it does not lower your credit score. There is a $25 fee per credit report, we accept cash or check. If you have a recent credit report, bring it and there will be no cost.

To schedule your free credit counseling, print the BEDC intake form below, complete it, and return it to the BEDC or email to

Our counselors can help you identify any issues that prevent you from qualifying for a home and create a workable plan to correct those issues. We also provide guidance in home budgeting and homeownership readiness. If you would like the BEDC to access a soft pull credit report that does not lower your credit score like a hard pull from a creditor. There is a $25 fee per person for your credit report. If you have a recent credit report, bring it and there will be no cost. 

To schedule your free housing counseling, print the BEDC intake form below, complete it,  and return it to the BEDC with the required documents, or email to

Business Counseling at Midland College BEDC


The BEDC provides free business counseling for:

  • Preparing a business plan
  • Starting a new business
  • Purchasing an existing business
  • Expanding an existing business
  • Financing options

Call the BEDC at (432) 684-4309 to schedule an appointment for free one-on-one business counseling. Print the intake form below, complete, and return it to the BEDC or email it to

Homebuyer Education Class at Midland College BEDC

Homebuyer Education Class

Due to COVID-19, until further notice, the in-person class will be replaced with the online version of the class. 

Register for this online class for the same price as the in-person class! Key "BEDC30" Promo code on this online version of the Homebuyer Education Class and SAVE $69.00.

Class is required by the MCDC, City of Midland and Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation, but not Southeast Tx Housing Finance Corp. Call us at (432) 684-4309 for more information.

Class Dates

  • Saturday, August 8, 2020
  • Saturday, November 14, 2020

Class Details

The fee for the online course is $99.00 and is available in English or Spanish. Use the "BEDC30" Promo code at the check out and SAVE $69.00.

FREE Credit Workshop (Online)

The MC Business and Economic Development Center invites all MC staff and students, as well as community members to join us for an online workshop on building and maintaining a good credit rating.

Workshop Dates

Monday, June 8, 2020 from 7-8 pm

Topics Covered

  • How Your Credit Score is Developed
  • How Your Credit Score Impacts Your Career, Finances, and Housing Choices
  • Your Actions that Damage Your Score
  • How to Create and Protect a High Credit Score
  • How to Create a Credit Score if You Don’t Have Credit
  • How Working with a Financial Institution Can Help Improve and Build Your Credit

More Information, and Login Instructions (pdf)


Online Homebuyer Education Course

We also offer a Homebuyer Education Class Online through eHome America. Click the link below to quickly register. After completing the course, you will receive a HUD certificate of completion.

The fee for the online course is $99.00 and is available in English or Spanish.

Begin Your Online Course


Florida Avenue Market at Cogdell

Music, food, baked goods, and many other items from different small businesses in the community.


Third Saturday of the month,

Dates for 2020

  • August 15
  • September 19


Cogdell Learning Center parking lot
201 W. Florida Avenue
Midland, Texas 79701


Get Involved

If you are interested in being a part of our Market, call us (432) 684-4309 or email

Florida Avenue Market Guidelines and Application (pdf)

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