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A Midland College initiative to increase higher education participation by first-generation-to-college families, by collaborating with community entities that have strong ties with these families.




 • Casa de Amigos

 • Emanuel Baptist Church

 • Greater Ideal Baptist Church

 • Midland Independent School District's ESL Program

 • St. Stephen’s Catholic Church

 • True Lite Christian Fellowship


First Generation to College Speakers Bureau:


Members of the FGTC Speakers Bureau provide motivational lectures and talks to community groups and organizations about childhood experiences and becoming successful college graduates.  Visits and lectures can be scheduled by contacting Rebecca Bell in the MC Community Relations Office, (432) 685-4556,

 • Learn more about the FGTC Speakers Bureau


Accomplishments to Date:


 * Personalized services to partner participants that identify themselves as interested in services

 * Various higher ed presentations provided at partner locations

 * 10 scholarships awarded to partner organizations in fall 2011

 * FAFSA assistance provided at True Lite Christian Fellowship in spring 2012

 * 11 scholarships awarded to partner organizations in fall 2012


fgtca footerFirst Generation to College Alliance

To increase participation in higher education among first-generation-to-college families


Mary Gonzales

MC Community Liaison/Student Advisor

(432)  685-6023