About Us • Officers of Administration

 downloadable/printable copy of the MC Organizational Chart (Adobe .pdf file)

Steve Thomas President
(432) 685-4520 president@midland.edu



Richard Jolly Executive Vice President
(432) 685-4524 rjolly@midland.edu



Rick Bender Vice President of Administrative Services
(432) 685-4529 rbender@midland.edu



Rita Nell Diffie Vice President of Student Services
(432) 685-4503 rndiffie@midland.edu



Dennis Sever Vice President of Information Technology and Facilities
(432) 685-4690 dsever@midland.edu



Bahola Edwards Assistant to the President/Secretary to the Board
(432) 685-4520 bahola@midland.edu



Deana Savage Special Advisor to the President
(432) 685-4514 docsavage@midland.edu



Kathy Fletcher Executive Director, Institutional Advancement and Midland College Foundation
(432) 685-4526 kfletcher@midland.edu



Dale Beikirch Dean of Continuing Education
(432) 685-5539 dbeikirch@midland.edu



Rebecca Bell Dean of Community Relations & Special Events
(432) 685-4556 rbell@midland.edu



Mary Braselton Dean of Social/Behavioral Sciences and Business
(432) 685-6829 mbraselton@midland.edu



Carmen Edwards Dean of Health Sciences
(432) 686-4822 cedwards@midland.edu



William Feeler Dean of Fine Arts and Communications
(432) 685-4626 bfeeler@midland.edu



Curt Pervier Dean of Applied Technology
(432) 685-4677 cper@midland.edu



Margaret Wade Dean of Mathematics and Natural Science
(432) 685-4615 mwade@midland.edu



Lynda Webb Dean of Adult and Developmental Education
(432) 685-6884 lwebb@midland.edu



Angela Balch Registrar
(432) 685-4508 registrar@midland.edu